Our minister

We are delighted to welcome our new minister, Reverend Claudia Lupi.  Here is a personal message from her:

Nice to meet you!Picture of Reverend Claudia Lupi

I'm an Italian minister who has been in living in the UK for 17 years.  I come from the Waldensian church, the oldest protestant church in the world, founded in the 12th Century.  I studied in Rome at the Waldensian University of Theology.

I have a passion for pastoral care and working on the street. (Gal 6:2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ).


Before coming here, I helped prostitutes through the Church Army (a voluntary Anglican organisation concerned with social welfare) and worked at the Salvation Army, helping the homeless and those in need.  

I always try to find time to work with people in the community.  I have volunteered at a Glass Door Homeless shelter at a local church and have worked with women with mental health problems in Whitton.

Some other things to know about me!

- I am very ecumenical and I love meeting people with different backgrounds.

- I believe diversity is a richness. 

- I have always fought for justice and for the rights of LBGT.

- I love to be involved with young people and to focus on challenging matters    with my congregation.

- I also love art in many forms. I paint and make puppets with clay and am always open to trying new things.


This is a bit about me and I look forward to meeting and getting to know you too. 

To contact Claudia directly by email, please click 
here. Or telephone 0770 201 2755.