Barnes Methodist Church

Renewed for Service


These will take place in the church between Wednesday 7th November and Saturday 8th December

There will be a Piano Circle on Saturday 3rd December for children taking the exams

  Worship band

Here at Barnes Methodist Church we are blessed with a number of musicians in our congregation.
Our organist, Chris Moorhouse, plays most Sundays
and our instrumentalists often accompany the more upbeat hymns and songs.

Chris Moorhouse

Members of the congregation who enjoy singing join together to enhance our worship on special occasions. 

Hymn book, Singing the Faith

We mostly use the recently published Methodist "Singing the Faith" as our main source of songs and hymns. Sometimes we'll add new songs from other modern Christian composers to our services.
You'll soon learn our favourites!
We have a sublime Bechstein concert grand piano, which has allowed us to use the Church
as a concert venue and a music examination centre;  it also enhances our singing enormously.

 Womens Social Hour Anniversary 08 Izzie

When planning our redevelopment we made sure that the Bevington pipe organ would remain a key part of the building. It is an old and treasured instrument which just celebrated its 90th anniversary, with a somewhat mysterious past.  It was purchased by our congregation in 1926 but initially built for a residential property.
If you are interested in learning more about the organ, or want to know a little more about how it works,
please speak to one of our musicians after a service.

Sanctuary front