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Baptisms, Marriages & Funerals

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As part of our service to the local community, we are happy to welcome families in
both happy and sad moments for Christian services of baptism, marriage and funerals. 


Baptism , what, why  how?

What is Baptism?
Baptism is a ceremony in which water is sprinkled onto a child or adult's forehead.
As well as water baptism (sometimes called 'Christening') includes prayers of blessing and for infants there is an opportunity to 'name' the child. The person being baptised is celebrated by the congregation who also make a commitment to maintain the Church's life and worship.  In the case of infant baptism commitments are made by the parents and godparents to love the child and nuture them in the Christian faith.
As baptism involves the support and encouragement of the wider church community they are usually included as part of the regular Sunday morning service.

Why do we Baptise?
Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist is celebrated in the bible and the act of baptism has been an important part of celebrating and identifying with the Christian faith ever since.  Baptism marks the entry of a person into a community of faith and it is intended to show the love of God for all people.

How can I arrange a Baptism?
If you would like to ask for the baptism of your baby or child
or even for yourself the Minsiter will be happy to have a conversation with you.
Please contact the Church Office, which is open in the mornings on 020 8487 8285. 

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Wedding rings

Similarly, if you are interested in the possibility of a marriage service at this church,
then please contact the Church Office on 020 8487 8285 to arrange a time to meet with the Minister. 
Please do not make any other arrangements (with hotels etc.)
until you have a confirmed agreement with the church.  


Funeral wreath

Normally, contact with the church concerning a funeral (or service of thanksgiving following a funeral) is made by the undertaker you have chosen, and initial arrangements are made by the undertaker on your behalf. 
The minister will then contact you to discuss details and to visit you before the funeral takes place. 
If you wish to contact the church office directly, you are of course free to do so.