Barnes Methodist Church

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Messy Church Gallery

June 2015
Theme: Love the world
Psalm 8

child with cakeChild with messy crafts
Child with icing
Iced cakeMessy painting
Child decorating plant pot
Plant potsChild decorating plant pot
Child making a prayer bird
Sad hand print octopusChild leaf printing
Child with stickers
Child making a spiderSpider
Rainbow  snowman

May 2015
Theme: Love your neighbour
The story of the good Samaritan

Child making flip-flopsChild making glasses
Snazzy glasses
Water pistolsStone painting
Glasses decorating
Making first aid boxesfingerprint friendship chain
Bandit mask
ColouringStone Painting
Stone painting
finger paintingGlasses decorating
Messy Church

April 2015
Theme: Love God
The story of the Prodigal Son

Messy biscuitsClay pigs
Prayer steps
Messy biscuitMessy biscuit
String hearts
Icing funMessy colouring
Messy pigswill
Messy pigswillWatchingPencil toppers

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