Since our refurbishment the hymn "All are welcome in this place" has become our anthem. 
We hope you enjoy discovering more about us; if you have any questions that are
not answered with the information on this website, please do contact us. 

Coming for the first time

Open doorwayWe know that visiting any church for the first can be a pretty daunting experience. 
            Even people who are familiar with Christian worship find it quite
                       hard to
walk into a different place on a Sunday
Here's a short explanation of what normally happens here so that you know what to expect: Firstly, there should be a friendly face to greet you at the main door and direct you either to the stairs or the lift, as our Sanctuary is on the first floor. Here you will be greeted and given any books you need. There are no pews and no seat is reserved so just take a seat wherever you feel comfortable. Should you need it, the Junior Church and Creche Room is on the right hand side as you face the front.

Inside the sanctuary

What happens during worship?

Most Sunday mornings, there will be about 40 people present - sometimes more, sometimes fewer. 
There will be hymns or songs, prayers, Bible readings and a sermon. 
In general the hymns are announced and it will be clear what happens and when.

The service lasts about an hour and is followed by tea, coffee and cake.

Holy Communion
is celebrated monthly, often the second Sunday of each month.
This is the service at which a symbolic meal of bread and wine is shared as the conclusion of worship.  Methodists believe that Holy Communion is a means of "Grace" which may
well draw you on to make a further commitment to Christ. 
You do not have to be a member or a confirmed Christian to receive Holy Communion,
if you want to receive, please come forward with everybody else.

Sacrament on the altar

The Second Sunday of the month is normally All Age Worship. This is an opportunity to celebrate
our whole life as we worship together with our Creche and Junior Church members.

Children lining up


We currently have a creche and our regular babies and toddlers are known as 'the Tiddlers'. 
Children are encouraged to gather at the front of the church on seats or cushions for the first part of worship.  After the first or second hymn, the Worship Leader will say a prayer of blessing for our children
and the Junior Church leaders then take them off to their groups. 
We know that children are often noisy and unpredictable; please don't worry about this -
we take great joy in their presence and all that it brings.     

Please visit our children's page for more information

After Worship
Refreshments are always served after the service and are an opportunity to catch up with one another
and share in friendship. On the second Sunday of each month we normally eat lunch together and
this is always a highlight as we have some amazing cooks amongst us. 
Please visit our Second Sunday page for more information