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Children & Messy Church


We hope to restart Messy Church in 2017 as soon as we have a new leader.

Children are an important part of our community and we welcome
all the noise, life, joy and unpredictability they bring.
We currently have a creche and our regular toddlers are known as the
At the beginning of worship children are encouraged to gather on the cushions at the front of church for the first part of the service.  After the first or second hymn, the Worship Leader will say a prayer of blessing for our children and the Junior Church leaders then take them off to their groups. 
During the service the crèche is available on the right hand side of the church if you would like to take your child(ren) in there.  You are welcome to stay with them or leave them in the care of the creche leader. 
However, you are also more than welcome to keep your child(ren) with you in the service.
It goes without saying but it is sometimes helpful for parents to know that we absolutely do
not mind if children cry or make noise, so please do whatever is best for you and them
We are always pleased to receive enquiries about Baptism. To find out more please click here

Over the past months we have featured Messy Church in the Hall, a monthly event focused on
family fun and worship.
A typical Messy Church gathering includes an overall bible theme (such as 'love God' and 'love your neighbour'), a time for play and messy crafts, time for worship,and time to eat a meal together.
Messy Church is for people of all ages and has particular appeal with young families. 
Whether you have been to this church or not you are welcome to come to Messy Church.
There is no charge but donations towards to cost of the meal are welcome.

If you have any ideas and suggestions for what crafts and activities we could do at Messy Church, let us know. 

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We hope to see you soon!

We have a Safeguarding and Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy